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I have left Wendy’s coaching session imbued with a new confidence – one that is deep satisfaction with my current achievements and a desire to continue development. She has helped me recognise my strengths and achievements and provided me with a toolkit for progression, however she has also encouraged and enabled my own reflection on the pace of my career progression. I find I am now more relaxed about my career progress and spending time honing skills and developing experience rather than chasing the next grade and potentially taking a wrong turn. Due to this I am more resilient when things don’t work out as I planned. Following my interview I was given a leadership role to stretch and challenge me and I don’t think this would have happened without the support from Wendy.

Senior Leader, Nationwide

Wendy and I worked together to structure our sessions in a way that would bring me most benefit. Usually, we would identify a specific issue for the session and set a goal that I would like to achieve at the outset. Sometimes I wasn’t always as clear in my mind as I would have liked to be about my desired outcome, so Wendy always worked with me to unjumble my thoughts to allow me to set a goal.

In terms of approach, Wendy was always very friendly and open, she listened actively and always seemed to be able to tap into what I was thinking, even if it was slightly below the surface.

I feel that my coaching sessions with Wendy were extremely beneficial, and I certainly feel an improvement in my performance at work and in my personal life, as well as a confidence in establishing ways to improve specific skills or behaviours I choose to work on. I now feel a greater awareness of my areas of development and I definitely feel very open to personal learning and growth. Wendy taught me some great ways to measure the steps I need to take in order to have success, and I am very grateful for our time together!

Graduate, Nationwide

I have held several coaching relationships over time and what I particularly liked about Wendy is her knowledge and application of models and techniques to help support the coaching questions.  I have had sessions where coaches just use powerful questions, but Wendy combines that with some useful exercises to help unlock problems.

Change Manager, Nationwide

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